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Union County Homicide Investigation: A Quest for Justice

Union County Homicide Investigation: A Quest for Justice

Union County Homicide Investigation Shines Light on Justice and Empathy

The Union County homicide investigation has unfolded a deeply tragic narrative, culminating in the untimely death of 18-year-old Kierstyn Williamson, who was in the midst of transitioning and preferred to be known as Jacob. Jacob went missing from Laurens, S.C., setting off a ripple of concern and a determined quest for justice which has resonated deeply within the community.

A Heartbreaking Disappearance Sparks a Tireless Search

The tale began with the mysterious Kierstyn Williamson disappearance, a case that has since captured the attention of many. Jacob was reported missing after last being seen on the evening of June 30, and it was believed that he might have been at a residence on Bethphage Lane in Monroe. This worrying disappearance spurred the Union County Sheriff’s Office into action, dedicating their resources to unraveling the circumstances behind Jacob’s absence.

Justice Sought Through Rigorous Investigation

The investigation quickly gained momentum, leading to the discovery of a body believed to be Jacob’s. This grim find only intensified the efforts of the investigating team, resulting in the identification of two suspects, Joshua Newton and Victoria Smith. Both suspects have been intertwined in the tragedy, with charges including first-degree murder charge and obstruction of justice being leveled against them. This decisive action highlights law enforcement’s commitment to ensuring that those responsible for Jacob’s death are held accountable.

Furthermore, the transition from initial charges of obstruction of justice to the more serious accusation of first-degree murder against Smith underscores the severity of the case and the imperative of seeking justice for Jacob.

A Community United in Grief and Solidarity

Jacob’s roommate, Promise Edwards, expressed a poignant mix of relief and sorrow upon learning that those accountable for his death would face legal repercussions. Her words Echo a community’s collective grief and an unwavering demand for justice.

Sheriff Eddie Cathey’s statement captured the communal heartache and the profound commitment of the Union County Sheriff’s Office towards attaining justice for Jacob and his family. This tragic loss has indeed galvanized the efforts of the entire department, aiming to bring closure and peace to Jacob’s loved ones.


The Union County homicide investigation hammers home the critical importance of persistent and compassionate law enforcement work in the face of such tragedy. It serves as a solemn reminder of the devastating impact of crime on families and communities, as well as the enduring spirit of those who seek justice and remembrance for the victims. The case of Kierstyn Williamson disappearance and the subsequent first-degree murder charge pronounced against the suspects have not only propelled a rigorous legal process but also sparked a broader conversation on empathy, accountability, and the pursuit of justice in today’s society.

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