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Red Roof Inn Shooting: A Monroe Community Reels

Red Roof Inn Shooting: A Monroe Community Reels

The Tragic Incident at Red Roof Inn Monroe: A Closer Look

The Red Roof Inn in Monroe has become the focal point of a deeply tragic story that highlights the issue of safety and public nuisance in community spaces. The event, which claimed the life of a young graduate with big dreams, has sparked a conversation about the responsibility of establishments in ensuring the safety of its patrons. In this article, we explore the circumstances surrounding the Red Roof Inn shooting and its implications.

The Heartbreaking Story of Anthony Delts

Anthony Delts, a recent graduate from Monroe High School, tragically lost his life in a shooting at the Red Roof Inn on July 1. Known for his passion for music, Anthony’s future was cut short, leaving his family and community in mourning. Anthony’s mother, Suleyka Alvarez, has since been advocating for the closure of the Red Roof Inn, pointing to it as a danger to the community.

The Problem of Public Nuisance

The incident at the Red Roof Inn is not an isolated one. With 221 calls for service in the past year, including three assaults and two shots fired calls, the motel has been labeled as a public nuisance. This raises questions about the role of such establishments in maintaining a safe environment for the community. With the Monroe motel under scrutiny, the community rallies behind Alvarez’s petition, which has gathered over 1,000 signatures.

Economic Considerations vs. Community Safety

The owner of the Red Roof Inn argues that the property is an economic benefit to the area, emphasizing the importance of the business to local employment. However, Alvarez and many others disagree, pointing to the safety of the community as the paramount concern. The tension between economic contributions and public safety is palpable, highlighting the intricate balance businesses must navigate.

Seeking Closure and Safety Measures

In the wake of this tragic event, Suleyka Alvarez and the community are not only grieving but fighting for change. The goal is clear: to ensure no other family has to endure such a loss. Alvarez’s relentless spirit in calling for action demonstrates the enduring role of a mother and a community member committed to safeguarding their community.


The Red Roof Inn shooting has sparked a vital dialogue about the safety responsibilities of accommodations and the broader issues of public nuisance. As the community of Monroe continues to grapple with this tragedy, the discourse evolves, focusing on creating safer spaces and holding businesses accountable. The story of Anthony Delts reminds us that behind every incident are real people, dreams, and the unyielding love of families demanding better for their communities.

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Sophia Miller

Sophia Miller

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