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Faye Deane Mangum Cox Obituary: A Legacy of Faith and Love

Faye Deane Mangum Cox Obituary: A Legacy of Faith and Love

Celebrating the Life of Faye Deane Mangum Cox

The peaceful town of Waxhaw, N.C., witnessed the loss of one of its most cherished residents, Faye Deane Mangum Cox, who passed away at the age of 87. Her remarkable journey through life began in the Prospect Community of Union County, N.C., and took her far beyond its borders before bringing her back to the Heart of her community. This article pays tribute to her life, highlighting her deep ties with Prospect Southern Methodist Church and her invaluable contributions to Union County, NC.

A Legacy Rooted in Union County, NC

Faye’s story is deeply entwined with the Prospect Community, where she was born and later became an instrumental figure. Her early years in Union County, NC, laid the foundation for a life full of dedication, service, and love. She married Stanley Kenneth Cox and together, they embarked on a journey that saw them venture to Alaska before settling back in Union County to start a dairy farm and raise their family.

Involvement at Prospect Southern Methodist Church

Faye’s commitment to her faith and community shone brightly through her active involvement at Prospect Southern Methodist Church. She served in various capacities, from teaching junior high Sunday school to leading the United Methodist Women’s district president. Her spiritual devotion and leadership significantly impacted the church and its members, solidifying her legacy within the community.

Remembering Faye Deane Mangum Cox

Faye Deane Mangum Cox’s life was a testament to her unwavering faith, love for her family, and dedication to her community. Beyond her roles as a wife, mother, and community leader, she was a guiding light at Prospect Southern Methodist Church. Her influence will be forever cherished by those who knew her and by the community of Union County, NC.

In lieu of flowers, the Cox family has requested memorials be made in Mrs. Cox’s honor to Prospect Southern Methodist Church, further cementing her everlasting bond with the institution she dearly loved.

Supporting Prospect Southern Methodist Church

The family’s choice to honor Faye through contributions to Prospect Southern Methodist Church is a reflection of her lifetime of dedication to the church. By supporting the church, donors can help continue the work that was so close to Faye’s heart, ensuring her spirit of generosity and service lives on.

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